Funky & Affordable Art… Everywhere!

Posted by Carole

Ha London! I’ve lived in London for eight years and I loved it so much but I have to admit there is one thing I hated about London and it was renting. Like most young and single professionals, I had my fair share of crappy accommodations from disastrous flatshare to living in a shoebox with a drunk neighbour having the annoying habit of yelling and banging against the wall at 3am.

This meant I had to move again and again in my pursuit of a more suitable place to live but because each flat was, in a way or another, a disappointment I always considered theses houses temporary solution and never invested too much time nor money into decoration.

But things have changed now that my boyfriend and I have moved in our new apartment in Bern in Switzerland and I can proudly say that I am in love with my flat! Yes, proud and in love – never imagine I could say that!

This, of course, means that I’m much more into decoration that I used to be (maybe because I’m growing older too but shhh!) and I now love scrolling through pages and pages of wall art, armchairs, fancy cushions and pop to the garden aisle of the supermarket to find that cute little plant that will fit in so well in our kitchen.


This is how I came across JUNIQE, an online wall art, home accessories & fashion brand that have one very specific vision “Make exciting and affordable art a part of people’s everyday lives: Art. Everywhere.” and indeed JUNIQE aim to inject creativity into every household across Europe by bringing to life the designs of international artists on prints, fashion, home textiles and many other products.

Click here if you want to know more about JUNIQE’s mantra as they explain it all on their website. 

I loved the concept so much I had to share my discovery with you (please don’t judge me if you already know about JUNIQE, I’m truly enthusiast about it!)

I don’t know where to start because JUNIQE sell so many cool things including wall art, T-shirt, onesies, cushions, bed linen, shower curtains, stationary, smart phone cases and so on… The list is long and their selection is huge, too huge maybe! Each item is cooler than the other and it actually makes it nearly impossible to pick one product so prepare to spend some time scrolling through their Oh-so-arty products!

Another reason to visit JUNIQE is their prices, as promised by the brand they are very reasonable especially if you are looking for cool & funky wall art pieces to embellish your home. Items like shower curtains may seem a bit more pricey but I guarantee that you won’t find shower curtains this cool in Ikea!

If you’re not convinced yet, here’s a little selection of the articles that made it to my wish list… I still can’t make up my mind!


Juniqe bed linen


Juniqu shower curtains.PNG


Junique Iphone cases.PNG

Please like or leave a comment below if you enjoyed reading this article and if you would like to share your top shopping addresses with the Frinnies community!

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