Wedding Planning Tips!

Posted by Corine

Having recently celebrated my second wedding anniversary, I thought I would share with you some tips and things I wished I had known at the time! Of course everyone is different and my experience may not ring true to others but if you are planning your big day or just like to fantasize about it, there are definitely a few tricks that can help you keep your sanity and tackle the stress levels!

Leave plenty of time between your engagement and your wedding! When he/she pops the question it will be one of the best day of your life and also the most choking one if you did not expect it! It can actually take you a few weeks (or even months) to adjust to the idea that you are about to enter into a deep and very serious commitment that will shape your future… and that my friends, it is a little scary if you are still very young at heart and do not feel like you belong to the adult’s world yet! That is why having time to digest the idea can only do you good, plus you do not want to jump in to the vast and stressful world of wedding planning too fast… trust me, you want to keep a cool head for that! Once you feel ready to start all the jazz you will soon realise that there are so many options out there and a myriad of things to plan, pick, order, etc. The list is BIG so make sure to give yourself plenty of time. Everyone is different but I was personally really happy to have over a year between my engagement and my big day!

Be flexible with your budget as you will go overboard in any case! Yep, getting married is expensive if you want to throw a party and have many guests around you. Of course you can choose to do something quite low key but I guarantee you that whatever budget you have in mind will eventually go out of the window! Also do not get too scared or upset if you spend more than you first expected as, in the end of the day, you only get married once (well, in theory!) and you may regret not paying a bit more for the wedding dress of your dreams!

There is no such thing as a perfect wedding… nope, it just doesn’t exist! You will be surprised at how things you carefully planned for months just go wrong or totally differently on the day so do not get too obsessed with the small details! Just focus on the essentials: you and your other half looking the part, plenty of food and booze for your guests and good music… that’s pretty much it!

Make memories, plenty of memories! Many people told me that the day would fly by and that I would not remember all of it afterwards… I did not believe a word but it turned out to be true! Your wedding takes months of planning but goes way too fast so make sure to take some time during the day and night to stop worrying about the food, your guests and everything that’s going wrong, and look around you and simply enjoy the moment. It may sound ridiculous to you now but trust me on this one… just pause, relax, enjoy and party hard! Also I would recommend you to have a photographer or a friend take plenty of pictures and videos as looking back on your big day is always such a sweet and fun thing to do. Also hire a photo booth… they are so much fun and will keep your guests entertained all night long!

wedding shoes

Last but not least… keep in mind all the way through this big mad process that your wedding is YOUR DAY so do whatever makes you happy! If fancy champagne, fine amuse-bouches and a fairy tale castle are not your things… well, go spend your money on something you really like! Your wedding should reflect your and your partner’s personalities and should come with no rules. Plus enjoy surprising your family and guests with a fun and different wedding day that they will remember for many years to come!

I can honestly think of many other do’s and don’ts but I do not want to go on forever! Please leave a comment if you would like a more detailed post about my wedding theme, the venue we picked in London, the dress, the photo booth and so on…
Thank you for reading!

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