Easy Veggie & Tofu Recipe

This dish is my kind of recipe: tasty, healthy, quick and it does not require many ingredients! It is actually ridiculously easy to put together and a real life saver if you have limited time on your hands for a quick lunch break at home or if you just fancy a light dinner.


Cooking time: no more than 20 minutes!

Ingredients for 2 people: 2 yellow bell peppers, 2 medium tomatoes, a small bunch of flat parsley, 200g tofu, salt, pepper, olive oil and some lime juice

  • Prep your veggies: wash and dry your peppers, tomatoes and parsley before chopping them
  • Place your frying pan over a high heat and fry your tofu until golden and crisp in olive oil, then take it out of the pan and set aside
  • Add the chopped peppers to your pan and lower to a medium heat, cover and let the peppers soften for 5 minutes
  • Add the chopped tomatoes and parsley in to your pan and cover for another 5 minutes
  • Season to taste by adding salt, pepper and lime juice
  • Toss the fried tofu in to the veggies for a couple of minutes
  • Et voila! Plate up and eat straight away!




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