Twins Q&A!

Our birthday month is fast approaching so why not do a fun twins Q&A?! As identical twins we get asked many questions since a very young age and let’s say some of them are funny and sweet and some others are plain weird and, quite frankly, a bit silly! So if you are a twin yourself, you are expecting some little twinnies (congratulations!) or if you are just curious… keep on reading!

Who is the oldest/who came out first? This is the number one question!  The answer is one of us was born at 00:10 and the other at 00:20. No C-section, all natural… sorry Mum!

Do twins run in your family? Yes they do! We have a few set of twins on the maternal side of the family (both boy/girl and girl/girl). So I guess we have a good chance to have twins ourselves!

Can you read each other’s minds? Nope, sadly being born a twin does not give you superpowers (too bad as it would have been pretty handy during our school years!). Growing up so close to someone from day one and living the same experiences at similar moments in life makes you think and react pretty much the same way… that’s all it is! We know what the other one thinks just by staring at each other!

Have you ever swapped boyfriends? Ew… of course not, what kind of a sick question is that?! Many people ask but it is just not our thing! And we were not kind to the boys who wanted to date both of us or any of us for that matter!

Do you feel each other’s pain? No, thanks god for that! Having said that there was that one time when one of us had a (minor) car accident and the other one who was at home at the time could feel that her twin was in distress and needed rescuing even before she called for help! It was probably just a coincidence but the feeling was really strong and we are still amazed when we think about it!

Do you know who you are when you look at yourselves in the mirror? You probably think who the hell asked such a stupid question right?! Well our German teacher in High School asked us exactly that… and she was dead serious about it… we kind of lost faith in her teaching abilities after that!

Do twins have a special bond? Yes definitely! Nothing mystical or related to some strange superpowers but knowing someone else so well since birth creates a deep bond that is much stronger than brotherhood/sisterhood and most friendship. We do consider ourselves very lucky to experience it!

Who is the good twin and who is the evil twin? Ok, the person who asked that question definitely watches too much crapy TV series… or should we blame bad horror movies?! Anyway the answer is that we are, of course, both lovely girls!

What is it like to grow up with a twin? Having a twin is a lot of fun during childhood, you basically have your confident and playing buddy with you at all times! Growing up you always have someone to rely on and it made us more mature and daring to travel on our own and try new experiences and that also made our parents more trusting to let us do our own things. We can honestly say that you feel like you can conquer the world with your twin by your side!

Would you like to have twins yourselves? Hell no, it is way too much work!

What is the best part about having a twin? There are many… but the best one is probably the crazy giggling… if something is very funny to one of us, it will be very funny to the other and all it takes is one glance before we start giggling about it… and there is no stopping us!

Please like this post if you enjoyed reading about us twinnies and leave a comment if you have any questions in mind… even a silly one (we don’t mind really)! X



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