Corine: Married with one baby boy (aka my Chihuahua dog!) and live in London

Carole: Just moved to Bern in Switzerland with my boyfriend so discovering the Swiss way of life right now! Quite a change from London where I’ve spent eight years

Life mantra: 

Corine: Be grateful!

Carole: Always be curious and learn new things!

What advice I would like to give my younger self: 

Corine: Be bold, always!

Carole: Don’t be too hard on yourself!

Career advice:

Corine: Work (really) hard & play hard!

Carole: Don’t stay in a job that makes you unhappy, the decision to leave might be hard but it’s worth it!

Social life advice:

Corine: You can’t please everyone!

Carole: Real friends are those who stand by you in hard times, cherish them!

Favourite social media: 

Corine: YouTube

Carole: Instagram, love the aesthetic!

Favourite place on earth:

Corine: London!

Carole: Definitely more than one place but London always felt like home

Favourite pastime:

Corine: Taking a nap

Carole: Discovering new places, close or far from home

A cause you will always defend:

Corine: Women’s rights

Carole: Human and animal rights, I believe we are equal

Best holiday memory: 

Corine: The sweet warmth of the Caribbean breeze on my skin

Carole: Sipping a frozen margarita on a sunny roof terrace in New York

Favourite cuisine: 

Corine: French food of course 😉

Carole: Thai and Japanese food, I just can’t choose!


Corine: I try to avoid sugar and dairy products as much as I can

Carole: None! Unless medically justified, I think moderation is enough to stay healthy

Favourite snack:

Corine: Water crackers

Carole: Wasabi peas

Your best beauty advice:

Corine: Healthy & shinny hair will always make you look good! Coat the tips of your hair with your favourite conditioner and braid them before bedtime, leave overnight and wash in the morning

Carole: Hydrate in & out! Always drink plenty of water & moisturize as much as you can

Two beauty products that never leave your purse: 

Corine: Tinted lip balm and pressed powder

Carole: Norwegian Formula hand cream by Neutrogena and Guerlain Terracotta Light Sheer bronzing powder

Your perfume:

Corine: Noa by Cacharel

Carole: Pleats Please by Issey Miyake and Chance by Chanel, I switch depending on my mood

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